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Don and Diane

8931 Hamilton Ave. N.E.
Monticello, MN 55362


Diane and I have had Brittanys for over 20 years. Our first Brittany came to us as a wedding gift. They've been a part of our lives since. The more I hunted with them the more I appreciated the beauty of these dogs and the style in which they hunt. I became very interested in the Brittany lineage, the Ban-Dee line in particular, and began to breed them. We have been breeding Brittanys now for over 11 years.

How I hunt with the dogs ... Brittanys are versatile upland hunters. I grouse hunt with them 2-3 times a year up in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. The majority of the time, I pheasant hunt with them in South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. I go as often as I can.

Breeding philosophy... We do not breed our dogs until they are at least two years old and have proven themselves on the field and on the vet table. All Brittanys in our breeding line are proven hunters. They are all OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified. We produce between 3-4 litters a year.

Our dogs ... On average our kennel consists of 11 dogs. Our dogs come from two bloodlines; Ban-Dee and Brandy's Bullet which go back to Delmar Smith (famed gun dog trainer) in Oklahoma. Rimarda's Trademark, descendant of the two bloodlines, is sire to some of my Brittanys. I picked these bloodlines to breed because the dogs they produce have a nice laid-back disposition without compromising their natural birdyness and retrieving instincts. They are exceptional upland dogs with good noses.

Brittanys are not very big dogs averaging between 30 lbs. to 40 lbs. They pack a lot of hunting enthusiasm in a compact package. Their size is the main reason most of my clients pick this breed. Their size and mellow disposition also make them a wonderful fit in your home. After all, a hunter hunts an average of only 2 months, you have to live with the dog the rest of the year.

Training ... Because our Brittanys have strong hunting and retrieving instincts, the minimum amount of training will produce a good gun dog. A few obedience commands such as whoa, come and fetch to control the dog will do, the Brittany will do the rest. Keep the training sessions upbeat and fun. Keep it short so they won't lose interest. They are very soft dogs which react best to positive reinforcements and minimum of punishment.They are smart energetic dogs which enjoy as much work as you can give it. Take advantage of game preserves in your area to train and introduce your dogs to birds.

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