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Don and Diane

8931 Hamilton Ave. N.E.
Monticello, MN 55362


Diane is one of a few
animal tattooist in Minnesota.


Diane is a certified animal tattooist by the National Dog Registry. We have six breeders/kennels who come to us regularly with their puppies for tattooing. These breeders, as well as our own kennel, tattoo a series of numbers and letters in a code which are used to identify individual dogs. This helps the breeders keep track of all the dogs they breed. Lost or stolen dogs can easily be identified and sent home.

Why tattoo your pet? Pet loss and theft is a serious problem. Most missing pets are never recovered. Tattooing protects your pet. Registering your dog with NDR (National Dog Registry) provide 24 hour hot line and experienced rescue recovery operators. A pet recovered by the police, pound, lab or vet will quickly be identified and the pet's owner notified. Tattooing is a small price for great protection.

Does tattooing hurt my pet? No. Pet tattoos are not like human tattoos because of the differences between human and animal skin structure. The epidermis (layer top of skin) on a human is much deeper than pets. Human tattooing must go deeper into the skin unlike canine and feline epidermis which is much thinner. The tattooing take only 2 minutes and has no ill-effects on the animal.

If you are interested in having your pet tattooed or would like more information about the topic, please give us a call. We would be happy to help.